Press Releases

A strong press release is the foundation of any communications campaign. It’s what delivers your message to the news media and sets the stage for BUZZ — e.g., stories about your product, service, business, or organization.

I specialize in press release development and distribution and have a proven track record of securing strong results for clients. In addition, I can distribute press releases via one-on-one email outreach to targeted lists of editors, journalists, and producers as well as via PRWeb.

With PRWeb distribution, “generate online buzz forever” by sending your news to major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. PRWeb sends your news to 30,000+ journalists and bloggers, delivers it to 250,000+ PRWeb opt-in news subscribers, and hosts your news release on PRWeb’s website, which receives over 3 million visitors each month.

Projects that include PRWeb distribution will receive a detailed analysis illustrating the “immediate impact of your online news release. You’ll learn how many people read your release, where it was picked up, how many times it was shared, and where your prospects learned about your business.”

To see pricing and service options, please visit my Fiverr profile.